Heery’s World – Foxtel Arts

In a world where everything takes a photograph, what is the value of professional portraiture? Is it just an antiquated art or a dynamic process that can survive as a contemporary art form? Heery’s World is a one hour documentary shot over the past six years following Gary Heery, a celebrated Australian photographer, on his rise to fame in New York with Madonna’s first album cover and pivotal early days of declining Larry Flint’s offer to become a very well paid staff photographer; a tempting proposition given he was broke at the time. His photographic quests take us to the Bandidos clubhouse, a gay s+m parlour and The Wayside Chapel amongst others. Driven by his wild behaviour and uncensored approach towards his subjects, the experience is unique, entertaining and transformational. In it’s essence, Heery’s World evokes a deep sense of appreciation for the creative journey and the marginalised characters of our society where process and the creative experience often eclipses the impact of the image.

The View From Here - ABC Arts

“The View From Here” is an Arts based documentary commissioned by the AFC and ABC Arts following the pilgrimage of a group of well known Australian artists into to the Central Australian desert. Their search for inspiration takes them to Lake Eyre and beyond as they struggle in this desolate landscape to produce some magical and memorable moments in their work. Tim Storrier offers insight and inspiration to his fellow artists and gives the trip organisers more than a few headaches when he insists on bringing an old school television to the middle of the Lake by helicopter for his latest art inspiration.

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